About us

Taking the Franchising vision further, Way2Franchise aims to enable small and big franchise enterprises that hold enormous potential to become iconic brands of the future by empowering them with franchising expertise, online advertising inventory and committed expansion plans at the same time, while sharing risks.


At Way2Franchise our philosophy is to invest with franchise enterprises looking to create sustainable competitive differentiation by focusing on franchisees that can be either B2C or B2B segment.

Way2Franchise invests with companies with potential at any stage of their lifecycle. We invest at the pre-revenue stage. Way2Franchise is a patient investor, often willing to wait for up to five years for exit since we believe that as long as the franchise brand is building its brand smartly and aggressively, it is adding value.

We look at emerging categories and help accelerate their growth through the power of our franchising expertise.


Way2Franchise strives to build lasting value in their investee company’s businesses. How do we go about achieving this? The cornerstone of Way2Franchise' value creation strategy is our hands-on operating approach in working with portfolio companies. We focus on the fundamentals of our investee companies and support them in such aspects such as increasing sales at their existing locations, increasing franchisee network.

Way2Franchise has faith in your brands, which is why:

  • We respect the franchisor and his/her ability to create wealth.
  • We believe brands are an integral or even the main asset for wealth creation in most businesses.
  • We seek to enhance an entrepreneur’s wealth creation capabilities by becoming the strategic investor in the branding process.
  • We aim to work as responsible share holders, by joining the board of any company we invest in.