WONDERKIDS is an institution providing quality education to children through its Preschool activities. Founded in the year 2002 and headquartered in Navi Mumbai; Maharashtra State; India, we specialize in providing quality Early Child Development programs through our age appropriate curriculum. The WONDERKIDS Preschool comprises of Playgroup, Nursery, Junior K.G., and Senior K.G. At WONDERKIDS we create a complete world for children, where they can Celebrate Childhood while they Develop their Personalities. We at WONDERKIDS are known for our professionalism, commitment and quality orientation in all that we do.

WONDERKIDS as a brand is associated with character, discipline, intelligence, creativity, positive personality, efficiency, caring, growth, self-esteem, strong personal values, leadership, teamwork, relationship and great attitude.

 Team WONDERKIDS comprises of warm, caring and trained personnel who love being with children and understand their emotional and developmental needs. Into this long lasting relationship are woven the stories, songs and activities that form the fabric of the child's future.

Apart from the preschool program, WONDERKIDS also offers development activities for children in the higher age groups through its All Round Development Programs called LITTLE SMASHING PUMPKINS and WONDERKIDS SPRINGBOARD.


·      An institution founded by love for children and an unfailing commitment to develop children the right way in order to give them a head start in their educational journey and to become positive world citizens

 ·      More than a decade of unmatched existence and experience in the field of preschool education

 ·      Team of professional, knowledgeable, motivated and positive people who are driven by love, passion, dedication and commitment in making a difference to educational excellence and transformation

 ·      Well-researched & structured age appropriate preschool curriculum developed by our in-house content development team that is result oriented.

 ·      Proven high quality standards in efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of preschool operations

 ·      Excellent training and development programs for the management, administrators, teachers, and caregivers of WONDERKIDS Preschool

 ·      Consistently delivering quality and results that goes well beyond expectations that makes WONDERKIDS the very best in the preschool domain

Become A WONDERKIDS Franchisee

 As part of our national and international expansion plans, WONDERKIDS is appointing franchisees to take our high quality preschool education to all parts of India and select countries overseas.

 Being a WONDERKIDS Preschool franchisee will be in many ways a truly satisfying and rewarding experience. Apart from tapping on the huge business potential that exists in the preschool sector, you will naturally encounter a wonderful synergistic relationship with Team WONDERKIDS and will also be filled with the gratifying experience of working with the little children as you develop a Positive Generation Next.   

WONDERKIDS Franchisee Benefits

·      We have completed more than a decade of positive euphoric existence with unsurpassed experience in delivering consistent quality in Preschool Education. Is a brand associated with optimum quality in all its activities and is regarded as a benchmark in preschool education.

 ·      We have complete preschool expertise under one roof providing total guidance in setting up, managing and operating a successful quality preschool

 ·      Well-researched elaborate curriculum content given as Handbooks that has lesson plans, activities & worksheets, teacher instructions, teacher log, etc. for easy implementation of the learning concepts

 ·      Equipped to provide personalized support and guidance in all aspects of running a successful and quality-oriented preschool. Can assist you in strategizing, designing, renovation, selecting the appropriate furniture, equipment’s, toys, books, student uniforms, school bags, team uniforms, etc.

 ·      We have proven, ethical and quality oriented suppliers for all the standard requirements of setting up and operating the WONDERKIDS preschool