Toffini Kitchenate Pvt. Ltd

TOFFINI KITCHENATE PRIVATE LIMITED is the sole subsidiary of Toffini Srl, Italy in Asia.


Toffini is known the world over for its life style products. Toffini is a technology and quality driven brand with style being its hallmark. It continues to exist in the international market for the past 10 years as an iconic brand offering modular kitchens with precision using top grade materials and latest technologies.


Toffini's passionate pursuit of perfection does not afford any exception – not even the slightest detail is allowed to escape attention. The end result in the hand of users are refined, elegant and unmistakably well made kitchens performing seamless services.


After testing the waters for our brand, Toffini, has identified affluent, quality conscious and educated upper crust of the society as its target niche. An expedition at Toffini is underway to associate with a very select number of channel partners who deal with premium brands and are patronized by this stratum.


In order to get associated following would be executed:


PURPOSE- To declare appointment as partner and to assist in creation of brand equity and propel sales.


TERRITORY – State/ City


Franchisee Deposit - That the franchisee shall forthwith, within a period not exceeding one week from the date of this agreement, deposit a sum of INR 5 Lacs by wire transfer with the Principal as an interest free deposit for the duration of one year. After one year of the agreement or on its termination, the Principal shall forthwith refund the aforesaid deposit of INR 5 Lacs to the Franchisee after deducting all sums receivable or amounts recoverable by way of debts, interest, refunds, recoveries, damages, etc.


Also company will support to design your showroom and take all responsibility of launching Toffini showroom in assign territory. 


Return on Investment - 50%





PAYMENT - Advance payment


SALES SUPPORT - One sales executive will be provided to interact with your dealer / clients and take care of loose end. In addition to this our company will provide product and sales training.


SERVICE SUPPORT -The Company will provide technical training from time to time but in case you are unable to appoint a technician, the company will appoint the technician in which case you will not get the service discount.


SPARES -The Company will supply the spares. Initially you will get a starter kit free and subsequently replacement of spares would be against receipt of the damaged pieces within warranty period.


ADVERTISEMENTS - The Company will provide the display stands, product catalogues, POP materials & advertisement support as per the policy of the company. Adverts in interior magazines that the company uses, will carry your name as a Franchisee.


Please go through our some attached links to see of Toffini's launch event party in India with Bollywood Celebs and approx. 60 National Newspaper’s and News channel covered our launching event in January 2013.

Looking forward to associate with you for reciprocal commercial prosperity.