The Great London Wrap

Concept of ‘The Great London Wrap’

The promoters of the ‘The Great London Wrap’ having stayed in London for the last 8 years and having enjoyed the amazing world cuisine it was time to move to India, potentially an emerging market in the world it was time for India to taste what London tastes on daily basis, so we combined the exotic sauces & the unique bread in one and thus have bought you ‘The Great London Wrap’, customized to the Indian taste buds.


Our Product is called THE GREAT LONDON WRAP, it's a unique concept from London, not yet introduced to the vast Indian Market so far as studied by our renowned team of business consultants. We call it unique as the soft and healthy bread is baked in our own kitchen, it is then assembled with a variety of 16 different fillings and exotic international sauces, again made by our team of chefs in our kitchen and then to finish it off, the heavenly LONDON WRAP is Grilled to perfection to get a crispy and Crunchy feel. We will serve 8 Vegetarian and 8 Non-Vegetarian Varieties, along with a few sides.

The Great London Wrap is already present at two high traffic locations, Ram Maruti Road, Thane and Lokhandwala, Andheri.