The Chocolate Room

Chocolate comes in many forms, solid, semi solid, liquid. There is white, milk and dark chocolate with purities of 99% in some dark versions. In India 45% is normal for the dark variety. You can complementchocolate with almost any flavour: fruity, nutty, flowery or spicy.

Making or producing chocolate is a culinery art in itself. Proportions have to be maintained to meet local palettes and climatic conditions.

Packaging the precious creations is an even bigger challenge, if not maintained appropriately they will melt or turn stale, which in our opinion should be considered a criminal act.

The Chocolate Room has brought this wonderous experience of chocolate to our doorstep in India, besides having its exclusive outlets in many other countries and cities. An Australian initiative, spreading its wings rapidly. If you are interested, check out our Franchisee info.

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Tea rooms and coffee shops have been popular since way back and every country or city has developed their own version of it. The Chocolate Room is a chain of chocolatey café’s from Australia spreading its brand slowly across many countries. There is more than Chocolate in store for you, there’s hot chocolate, Choctails, Chocshakes, Frappes, Pancakes, Waffles and Fondues, besides a selection of Belgian bon bons handmade espcially for you.

Our staff is well trained to prepare the above delicacies and more. Warm savoury bakery products and liquids to quench any kind of thirst. They also undergo regular trainings to upgrade their skills and service levels.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad and having corporate office in hyderabad with their Indian operations, The Chocolate Room has several outlets across Ahmedabad and various other parts of the country.