T.I.M.E. Kids

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T.I.M.E. (Triumphant Institute of Management Education), is a leading education and test preparation company, head-quartered in Secunderabad. Founded in 1992, T.I.M.E. has grown into a specialist, multi-location, multi-programme training provider having 208 centres in 105 cities across India .

With the experience and educational expertise of training more than 11.5 lakh students in the past two decades for various entrance exams, T.I.M.E. is no longer in the limited area of test-preparation but has moved into the much larger space of education and training. The company is constantly diversifying & entering into new areas of imparting education, of which, T.I.M.E. Kids is one of the most successful ventures. T.I.M.E. Kids started in 2008 with 3 centres in Hyderabad, the preschool chain now has over 90 centres across India.