Sloyd Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

YNew is a brand that symbolizes aspiration and affordability. YNew is the neighbourhood brick-n-mortar store for convenient selling and buying of used lifestyle gadgets. The brand caters to a huge market spread across geographies where people aspire to buy high-end lifestyle gadgets of their favorite brands and yet cannot afford them.

It attempts to reduce the digital divide and bridge this gap through providing quality lifestyle gadgets at affordable prices to the aspiring buyers. YNew as a brand deals only with such type of lifestyle gadgets that fall in the high-end segment and that bring in the element of aspiration. This includes:

1. Smartphones/Tablets

2. Laptops/Desktops


YNew not only deals with the pre-owned and refurbished products, but also sellsproducts with minor defects (factory seconds), run-out models and demo pieces.

The franchise opportunity is quite distinct from other existing markets for pre-owned electronic products. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it not only builds the supply side of the market, but also the demand side – thereby ensuring that this business model is sustainable even in the face of competition over the long run.