Siyarams Silk Mills Ltd.

Siyarams Fashion Avenue Franchise Opportunity

Siyarams, India's largest manufactures of suitings and shirtings and the undisputed leader in the fashion fabric industry, has stayed ahead of times with its robust vision and focus on the future. A part of the Siyaram Poddar Group (SPG), it is one of the largest producers of exquisite blended Suitings & Shirtings in India, producing thirty million meters of fabric annually.

Siyarams is one of the very few fabric companies in the world today that?s available in over 50000 retail stores across the country, along with more than 110 franchised Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs).

The company?s acclaimed brands such as Siyaram's, Oxemberg, J. Hampstead, MSD and Mistair consistently come up with innovative promotional campaigns, which has taken these quality products to every nook and corner of the nation.  

With the changing market scenario worldwide and in India, the business dynamics has also been changing and every business activity has to accept and incorporate these changes.   

To adapt to the sea of change that the retail industry of India has undergone, Siyaram?s has already entered the Retail Industry with close to 100 exclusive outlets country wide at present.  

 The Siyaram's Franchisee Advantage   

The garment brands include: Shirts | Trousers | Suits | Blazers | T-shirts | Jeans | Accessories from Oxemberg (Formal wear), MSD (Casual wear) and J. Hampstead Apparel (Premium range).  These ready-to-wear garments are available in the entire range in formal wear, casual wear, club wear and a premium range.

Siyarams Fashion Avenue franchisee is involved in the execution of showroom operations and responsible for its performance. The franchisee shall purchase all the branded goods on an outright sale basis.

Siyarams Fashion Avenue will provide its brand, knowhow, operations manuals and so on and will continue to enjoy complete ownership for it.

Siyarams Fashion Avenue Store Site Selection and Approval:

The selection and final approval of franchisee will be strictly in consent with Siyaram?s.

Criteria  Store Location: Excellent location in a market place with good potential.

Store Area: 600 sq.ft 1000 sq.ft with wide frontage (15 ft. approx)

Showroom Design : Will be provided by the Company at No extra cost

Interior Cost : To be Borne by Franchisee, will be approximately Rs. 1200

Investment in Stock will be


Financial Assistance for Showroom Equipments:

Towards purchase of A/C & Computer, Siyarams will provide Rs.1.5 ? 2 Lac. soft loan to the Franchisee to be repaid in equal installment within 36 months.

Business Stationery & Staff Uniform:

For all stationary items Franchisee will have to follow the format provided by

Siyaram?s. Business Stationary will include Letter-heads, cash memo, bill book


The uniform for staff will be as per the specification provided by Siyaram?s

which should be followed by the Franchisee at their cost.

Gross Margin to the Franchisee:

Fabric - Ex-mill + 70% margin (Mark up)

Garment - 38% mark down (61.29% mark up)

Inventory planning, maintaining & replenishment:

The Franchisee is required to maintain a minimum stock of all the material as

prescribed by Siyarams and intimate them about the requirements at least 20 days in

advance for the same.

Stock Correction: Up to 5% (maximum) of total net purchase twice in

a year (every six months).

Signage & V.M.: Approximate value of Rs.50, 000 (max)

will be provided by Company

Carrybags: Will be provided by Company worth Rs.25, 000 or

1% on net purchase value whichever is higher.

Additional requirement will be provided on a

subsidized cost basis.

Software: Software will be provided by the Company.

Freight & Transit Insurance: Will have to be borne by the Franchisee.

Taxes, Octroi & Levies: Will have to be borne by the Franchisee.

Payment Terms:

First purchase: Advance Payment only (against 3% Cash


From Second Purchase: 3% Cash Discount on invoice value on

Advance payment on Regular price billing


Credit Period  32 days maximum from the

Date of L.R.

If payment is made after 32 days, 15% interest

Will be charged.

Turnover Incentives: Only on Fabric & will be provided as per Slabs given


10 lacs to 12 lacs = 1.00%

12 lacs to 15 lacs = 1.50%

15 lacs to 18 lacs = 2.00%

18 lacs to 21 lacs = 2.50%

21 lacs to 25 lacs = 3.00%

25 lacs and above = 4.00%

On super net purchase value i.e. purchases less returns less discounts, if any.

Incentive figures will be revised annually after mutual discussion.

be provided up to 5% of the net purchase invoice value. All expenditure will be

incurred by the company only. The company guideline in this matter will be final and


Franchisee will provide: Broadband internet, daily sales, stock reports.

Scheme & Promotions: Will be done on a cost sharing basis as mutually

decided in advance before start of the scheme/promotion.

3 Cheques will be provided by the Franchisee towards Purchases.