Sepia is chapter pulled out from the Vintage scrapbooks of the yesteryears. An ethereal palette of dreams woven into an eclectic line of garments. Where the reminiscence of the bygone art meets the expressions of a new today.

Sepia is a type of monochrome photographic image in which the picture appears In shades of brown. It was originally produced by adding a pigment made from The sepia cuttlefish to the positive print of the photograph. This is why many "old time" photographs are sepia toned - those are the ones that have survived until today.

Sepia is not only a tint tone or shade. But also stands as a metaphor for "Journey", a passage of time that is imbibed into our stories and style into our collections. Stories from a distant land. Drawing rich inspirations from people and places, unseen, unheard, forgotten yet vivid in the pages of craft, culture and civilizations.

Sepia would poetically carry an invisible "Feel of Vintage" within its two distinct lines, Classic Essentials and Neo Fashion. Grown-up-style line of clothing with a distinct language, crafted with a sophisticated edge, carrying an essence of the old world charm with slightly quirky fashion.Globally inspired garments with mixed, poetic, eclectic and crafty look.