Project IT India

We are an IT and Non IT Training Organization focusing on changing the way and model in which traditional education institute are working in the market today.

Ideally when we think of starting an IT Education Firm, we have to pay a hefty Franchise fee, then follows the huge infrastructure investment and then comes the challenge of getting students and educating them with quality content and delivery. 

In such cases, the working model fails 70% of time, as the money involved is way too higher and the ideal break even point is achieved only after 2-3 years. Where as today, this kind of wait for an additional income is not suggestible.  

We on other hand follow the following policy:

We appoint a master franchise who instead works on three different verticals. 

i. Academics: Any school and college, 
The colleges today uses its readily available infrastructure for a period of 110-125 days. 
The proposal we work on with them is utilization of their infrastructure while also tying up with International body and sharing of the revenue on training. With little investment on the college front, the revenue generation models gives boost to the closure of the deals.

ii. Institutes: Any computer institute who has 5-15 computer setup in place.
We cut down the cost of capital infrastructure investment in this model and utilize the existing infrastructure available with the institute. While the institute is already present in the market, their good will along with the brand name we carry gives a very good impact in the working. Trainers are set to work right from training the trainers, to problem solving and delivery of marketing seminars for the institutes behalf, making an institute focus on training rather than marketing. Investment as compared ideally with the brands working in the market is as low as 5% (of 5 Lakh). Return on investment is however on much higher side.

iii. Franchise: any person looking forward to run multiple courses like in traditional model. 
This works on a traditional setup model, with infrastructure setup, and a royalty sharing with the franchise. 

1. Money back with Exit policy: 
We give a 50% guarantee with exit policy over 12 months of operations to the partners associated with us at all the levels. Thus guarantying the Partners of our active involvement. No brand gives you this option. More information shall be shared in the Agreement.

2. Regional Language content:
We have an option of regional language content which allows us to penetrate in bigger market size.

3. Wider area of operations:
We do not restrict our partners at one location, rather we give a free hand for them to operate it on a wider perspective and in different verticals which otherwise is not allowed with any other franchising model in the market.

4. International Certification:
We offer various courses with international certification.

5. Low investment model:
Since no capital cost is required and due low franchise fee, break even happens at a faster pace with better earnings. 

6. Quality Content:
All the content are provided by authorized content providers globally known.