Podar Jumbo Kids

Concept: Pre- school / Daycare with Kindergarten 

List of Programs/Products/Services/Courses Include 
1) Podar Jumbo Kids    
Kiducation curriculum and unique combination of five essential skills and multiple intelligences  

2) Podar Happy Kids    
Daycare and Kindergarten- Learning and growing in a home away from home  

3) Podar Jumbo Kids Plus    
Tai Chi and Lezim, Techno Whiz Kids, Cycling, Touch Interactive White Boards 

4) Podar Jumbo Kids Connect (For existing preschool)    
Existing Pre-school owners and Pre-schools in high schools 

Why: Pre-school today is one of the most promising and exciting sectors, growing rapidly it presents a huge business opportunity. 

Territory Offered: India 
Training Provided: Yes 
Marketing Support: Yes 
Agreement Term: 20 years 
Units outside Country: No 
Investment Required: Rs. 5.5 – Rs. 6 Lakhs and 1000 – 1500 Sq. Ft carpet area (Owned or Leased). Business Established: Year 2000 
Franchising Commenced: 2001 
Qualifications Required: Good Implementation Skills.
Benefits to the Franchisee: 
1) 81 years of heritage with unmatched focus on quality education 
2) Brand Equity 
3) Unique ‘Add-On’ revenue models ensuring enhanced ROI 
4) Hand- Holding by Franchisee Supervisors / Mentors for day-to-day queries and support 
5) Regular support from Academic / Marketing department 
6) Continual ‘event’ support for all celebrations thus ensuring Best Practices / High Standards 
7) Model based on N.A.E.Y.C. standards 
8) Excellent Curriculum 
9) Focused training and grooming for franchise and core staff in 
a) Business Planning b) Child Development & Centre Management & c) Actual Class Videos and Dockets 
10) Regular supervisions and reporting, assessment and retraining.   

Recruitment Process: 1) Site Visit 2) Signing of Agreement