“Mother’s Island Nurturing Defined Studies Pvt Limited” (MINDS) a company formed with “Blue Ocean Strategy” decided to take-up  a special project and create its own “Decisive Competitive Edge” by creating a field where there are many players but there is no game changer. Almost after one year’s of hard-work, in dealing with the paradigm of TOCICO, USA the topmost body of TOC which is known as “Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization”, MINDS  signed a special “Memorandum of Understanding” for providing the structured TOC Education in ASIA pacific and Mexico region. TOCICO is the supreme body which provides the Certifications to various people who have learned TOC, to become trainers, practitioners etc. Advisors and promoters of MINDS decided to create a business model by having three different business verticals, to provide Education & Training to all, right from pre-school, school to higher education. Hence the JUNIOR MINDS, SENIOR MINDS and EXECUTIVE MINDS came into existence.


Junior MINDS: JUNIOR MINDS is a program designed keeping the five focusing steps of Theory of Constraints, Child Abuse prevention, Vedic Math & advantages of TOC tools in our thoughts in the complete guidance of TOCICO & “TOC For Education” (TOCFE), to help children utilize, develop emotional intelligence and boost both sides of the brain - the logical left brain and the creative right brain.

A chain of pre-schools, which is imparting education to pre-school children based on TOC guidelines and prepares them for their first step in the world of education. This is “In-Business-Partnership” business, where we appoint various In-Business-Partners all across Asia Pacific Region. There are four (4) defined categories of In-Business-Partners (IBP), a) IBP-GAL; Geographical Area / Locality: (Based on Population) – only for an unit of JUNIOR MINDS, b) IBP-COD; City or District: – for multiple units of JUNIOR MINDS, c) IBP-STT; State: – for multiple units of JUNIOR MINDS across various districts, d) IBP-CTT; Country: - for multiple states and cities in a country in ASIA Pacific region.


SENIOR MINDS: Senior MINDS is a chain of Extraordinary, Premium category of Primary & Secondary Education Schools which teaches their students based on the TOC principal & Guidelines the syllabus of ICSE/CBSE. These schools are opened with the name and style of “MINDS INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOLS”. All such schools are strategically opened under the special business partnership with the local partner. The local Partner provides Land, Building and complete school infrastructure  and MINDS runs and manages the complete school in all means. On the basis of the investment, as done in Fixed Assets by the local partner MINDS share a good amount of percentage of the profit.


Executive MINDS: Executive MINDS provides education in TOC Mainly and certify people who will sit in Examination, in collaboration with TOCICO. Executive MINDS is committed to provide education & training in TOC exclusively, and help our organizations and their employees to grow. Today IIM-C and IIM-A have started providing training to final semester students on TOC already. MINDS & TOCICO Brings Best Of The Faculty In TOC From World Across To Deliver Best & Quality Education, Training & Case Studies For Our Toc Students/Candidates/Delegates.