MAD Live

M.A.D. Live is Elixir's endeavor to impart meaningful art & craft skills to children across India. This nationwide initiative is taken in association with Pogo™, the successful kid's live-action channel from Turner International India Private Limited.

Rob, the favorite anchor on Pogo™ takes you on a fun-filled, interactive, creative journey, transforming ordinary materials into stimulating works of art with his M.A.D. twist. Every single time you discover new art and craft activities, that are easy, and exciting, and for everyone to try and enjoy.

Armed with simple tools like a pencil, paintbrush, colours and paper, Rob takes you on a creative joyride, and helps you explore the world of possibilities through art. From new and easy painting techniques, to fun and exciting paper crafts. Playing with shadows and silhouettes, recycled boxes and bottles, was never so much fun! And to make the M.A.D. experience even bigger and better, Rob allows his imagination and creativity to run wild, and gives us the most spectacular, most magnificent, most gigantic BIG Picture.

M.A.D. Live Courses
Pogo™ M.A.D. Live art and craft curriculum is scientifically created and taught to nurture and develop certain vital skills in children that are essential for their overall growth and development.
These skills include basic intelligence for child development:
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence : Body Smart
  • Linguistic Intelligence : Word Smart
  • Logical Intelligence : Number Smart
  • Interpersonal Intelligence : People Smart
  • Intra-personal Intelligence : Myself Smart
  • Musical Skills Intelligence : Musical Smart
  • Visual / Spatial Intelligence : Picture Smart
  • Naturalistic Intelligence : Nature Smart
  • The courses are conducted by trained faculty catering to two age groups, 3-6 years and 7-10 years. The art and craft sessions are interspersed with music & dance to add an essence of liveliness.

    Eight or twelve workshops are planned for each group; and each workshop has its own individual theme and activities designed to enhance a particular intelligence aspect.

    M.A.D. Live programs build upon a child's school education and develop their latent capabilities in a creative, interactive and fun-filled manner. These programs often play a crucial role in pointing the way to a child's career.