Ma Blaze Education Pvt. Ltd

Why Pre- School Franchise?
If you are looking for a business franchise opportunity in the booming education sector, then connect with  KIDS SCHOOL - a venture by a team of highly motivated group of individuals imparting International Standard Education right from the age when children start developing their basic skills necessary to survive as human. Today  Kids School, the name is amongst best pre-school in India.
Pre-School Education is one of the fastest growing fields where there is dearth of good quality Pre-Schools.Pre-School Education is one of the fastest growing fields where there is dearth of good qualit Pre-Schools.
  • With the expanding purchasing power, the middle class of our society is ready to spend more for quality education at pre-school level, it is a trend cutting across different sections of society and big and small towns all alike.
  • As such the demand for quality pre-school education with International standards is growing by the day. Hence  KIDS presents you this exciting business opportunity.
A place where kids put their brain to work with fun:
All the learning activities at Ma Blaze Kids are designed in such a manner that kidz learn it all by doing it on their own. They touch, explore, feel, enjoy and learn it by doing it with the help of carefully selected toys, games, activities, teaching aids and equipment.  Kids Offers following programs which prepare them for a bright future with regular schools.
Why Ma Blaze Kids Franchisee?
  • Modest initial investment- starting capital as low as 03-6 lakhs,
  • Lowest Franchise fee
  • Handsome assured returns.- Low royalties @10% only
  • White - collar business with ample opportunities for expansion.
  • A fun - filled experience.
  • Our curriculum is specially designed keeping the Montessori methodology of teaching in mind;
  • Our curriculum is specially designed keeping in mind the present generation child`s mental growth, their accuracy and problem solving ability etc;
  • At a minimum cost with maximum rate of returns;
  • It is under the banner of  Kids School India (P) Limited an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company which thrives for Quality Management System Standards.
  • The Programs we offer: This scheduling is done strictly as per the norms set by the International Standards
International Academic Curriculum plan
The curriculum is so designed keeping in mind the tender age of the kids and it is on a monthly basis. Each month is divided into days and the day`s schedule is given like the rhymes to be taught, activities to be taken up and plays to be played on that particular day. In this way the whole year`s schedule is designed.
Secondly, usually when a teacher is on leave for a day or short period, or she resigns the job, at that point of time you tend to panic but with the help of this curriculum there is no need to panic or get tense because it is so designed that each day`s schedule of lessons to be taught, activities to be taken up, rhymes to be sung, etc are pre planned and sorted out. The teacher who takes up the class has to only turn to that particular day`s schedule and continue the class.
Support to Franchise
  • We provide you with all the information regarding the setting up of the preschool, like furniture, play items, and other needed materials for the school at a nominal price but not compromising the quality and which helps you in reducing your capital investment too;
  • Once the initial spade work is about to complete we shall start the training of the teachers recruited by you with our assistance. You may call it a conduction course wherein we teach and inform them about the specially designed curriculum, their role in implementing it successfully. This particular training program would be conducted at our Registered office;
  • We work with you to execute highly professional, cost and marketing effective strategies. The marketing is centralized which include brouchers, newspaper ads, direct mailing, leaflets, banners etc;
  • We would be working with in a more accurate and professional with online software which manages all aspects and helps you run the school in a smooth way. The software helps you in
  • Student Management,
  • Class  Management,
  • Staff  Management,
  • Fees Management,
  • Syllabus  Management,
  • Monthly Planner  Management,
  • Result/Report Management,
  • Assignment  Management, 
  • Announcement & Event  Management,
  • PRO (Enquiries)  Management,
  • Message  Management
Franchise Facts:
  • A like-minded business entrepreneur focused on education and believes that their future lies in the business that creates future to young children.
  • A minimum area of 1500-3000 Sq. ft preferably on the ground floors 
  • Rs.4-7 Lakhs Capital for Investment. 
  • A zeal and passion to offer high quality and enriching schooling environment to children.
  • 1200-2500 Sq ft of built up area and At least 150 Sq Ft open area in the front for play area.
  • Extended Schools including Daycare facilities
  • Evening Clubs
  • Summer Camps and many others
Ma Blaze Franchisee Benefits:
  • Franchisee will set up an ISO certified school with world class standards with minimal efforts
  • Simplified version of learning from more than 2 decades of industry experience
  • Strategies to reduce unnecessary costs to ensure quicker break-even
  • Concept planning, designing and supervising of layout of interiors
  • Expert guidance and support from corporate headquarters, our team of PhD’s and MBA’s
  • Marketing support, tie up assistance to create value for students
Join hands with Ma Blaze Kids and Start your dream school today…