Kids Cafe

Kid’s Cafe is a concept of Fun , Entertainment , Knowledge , Food and Beverage with Hygienic Food preparation In-house by our Own trained team. The main attraction here for the kids and their family is that they get all they need for their own world under one roof.  We are redefining experience in café Industry, first ever café for Kids and Family with an unique concept to give special value addition in the life style of every child, youth & elders. It's a complete safe & entertaining hang out spot for kids and families. It is the only café series in India which is providing Cafeteria with Entertainment - by unique games & gizmos with different means / methods for children's knowledge addition as fun & Knowledge through interactive events at one place enabling optimum utilization of time for everyone. It is now become a famous place to have a birthday and other family parties.

Kid’s Cafe has also tied up with social organizations like help age India, smile etc. Senior citizens from old age homes  visits the cafe and  play as story teller Dada-Dadi for kids narrating stories as well as religion & culture to children. As believed that Young minds absorb the knowledge however and whatever you impart in them, hence Picture Encyclopedia, kids Magazines, Documentary Picture will is an integral part of Kid's Cafe. This not only keeps the children busy in creative activity but it also helps them with creative thinking & patient listening habits in children. Kid's Cafe has their own Kid’s Café Klub. The Clubs  organizes various events round the year for Kids. Kid’s Cafe has several thoughts Out Of The Box to think of where the revenue generation can be done in several new innovative ways.