About Us :

K2S3 International School is an educational initiative of KEN KNACK SCHOOL OF SEVENTH SENSE (P) LTD. (an associate of KEN KNACK Group), an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution runs Nursery School Programs through K2S3 K!d$ wings and Short Term Degree & Certification Programs for school students through K2S3 Ant$ & Bee$ wings with unique international teaching methodology.

Opportunities :

K2S3 International now offers a complete business / franchise opportunities for an energetic edupreneurs. Also, we feel proud to share here that K2S3 encourages Women Empowerment through Women Edupreneur options too. Our Unique franchise models provide individual with complete know-how to set up and operate K2S3 International School in your locality profitably.

Edupreneur Options :

* K2S3 K!d$ with Ant$ & Bee$

* Play K!d$ with Ant$ & Bee$

* Ant$ & Bee$