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The Vatika Group started its first restaurant and banquet in 1992 - Vatika at pragati Maidan and has never looked back. Park Balluchi at Deer Park (flagship restaurant) has been the winner of National Tourism award for Best Restaurants in India for two years and winner of the Regional Tourism award for 3 years in succession by the Ministry of tourism (Govt. of India). Pind Balluchi, over the years, has become a shining star and a proud cousin of Park Balluchi, their flagship restaurant that has been endowed with many enviable awards and visited by who's who of the country. 

"In the present scenario, when everybody is running after Various Global cuisines, we came up with an Indianised version because we believe it's more permanent and not occasional like other foods. One can try this at any day and any time", says Mr Chaddha, owner. And the Son Bhupinder Chadha was inclined to follow his father's footsteps so after his Hotel Management and some work experience abroad he is now a Chef owner himself. Ask him on his success mantra and says Bhupinder, "Pick your choice, whether you want to make lot of money for a short period of time, or, you want to make a quality product which has a long lasting effect. If it's the latter, then stay focused and keep consistent and patient, once you are established then you have a long way to go. And if you go a long way, money always follows!" 

The group is soon expanding all across the nation and is also associated with world leader in Retail Business space WAL MART in Amritsar.Pind Balluchi’s recently launched revolving restaurant in Patna has given another option to restaurant revelers…. largest of its kind in the country, situated atop the tallest tower in the city. Spread over three floors, the restaurant has three sections a restaurant, a bar and a banquet. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated this at Biscomaun Tower’s top floor on August 11, 2010. It has an open kitchen and a lobby as well as a lift to take the customers to the restaurant. The restaurant takes forty five minutes to make a full circle.

To be the benchmark by being the 'only' Indian specialty dining destination; thereby, creating a 'WOW' experience for our guests at all times. 

To ensure Profitability, Standardization & 100 % guest satisfaction across all units by:- 
1. Creation of Standards & Processes, 
2. Rigorous & Intensive Training,
3. Highest Level of Quality &
4. Strong Brand Awareness by July' 2013. 


  • Self Discipline
  • Self Belief
  • Sense of Ownership
  • Passion For Perfection
  • Dynamism
  • Leadership
  • Respect and Compassion
  • High Emotional Quotient
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
    The earthy glow of the interiors at Pind Balluchi exudes opulent warmth that cocoons, the flickering lights falling soft but as bright as stars in the night sky. Extremely comfortable chairs run down the length of the space, the dazzling gold of the ceiling lamps shining off the gloss of the wooden tables. The interiors remain reminiscent of a forgotten era, merged with modern elements that make Pind Balluchi both spectacular and unique. Some of the restaurants are fashioned in the style of a grand village courtyard, complete with a banyan tree and overhead lighting (where the sky suddenly lights up with stars and a full moon) giving it an alfresco feel. In short the ambience is wonderful with rustic Indian setting complete with quaint 'Punjabi' village furniture. The place is rife with traditional 'Punjabi Pind' paraphernalia that is just as attractive as the food is appealing. Adding to the aesthetic set-up are the bronze water tumblers, the crockery and the cutlery. 

    It takes skill to transform simple food into fine cuisine, and Pind Balluchi's chefs promise authenticity in each dish on the menu ? a contemporary interpretation of classic Indian cooking being the focal ethic. Ancient recipes that have faded from the memory of the world are rediscovered in this rare dining experience, the multifaceted identity of India unified and preserved in its original form. Dining at Pind Balluchi, is a wonderful, wholistic experience not to be missed, everything that greets you upon entering the restaurant makes you feel special and pampered. True enough Punjabi food is wholesome and full of rustic flavor .There is no intricate marinades or exotic sauces but it has full-bodied spices cooked with Desi ghee, always served with a liberal helping of butter or cream. As a matter of Fact Indian cuisine in the other parts of the world is mostly identified with Punjabi food. Coming to the food, 'Saada Punjabi' food has for long had a reputation of being too oil-laden, (Punjabi food is popular all over the world and is characterized by the liberal use of Butter and Desi Ghee) but Pind Balluchi has created an art out of Punjabi fare without the oiliness. 

    The cuisine at Pind Balluchi has an enormous variety of mouth-watering vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The spice content ranges from minimal to pleasant to high depending on your choice. Indeed an impressive array of Punjabi cuisine capturing the culinary heritage running the gamut from the succulent 'Kalmi Kebab' to 'Tila Kulfi'.Go for the "Lassi Man pasand", "Jal Jeera", "Lemon Soda" or "aam ka Panna" before you begin your culinary sojourn. Must try starters include "Chicken Tikka", "Pind Boti Kebab" and "Chicken Kali Mirch". The vegetarian dishes here do not disappoint at all and are not the boring regular, some such as the "Mushroom Kurkure" , " Dahi ke Kabab" and "Veg cheese finger" are outstanding and beckon you try more. For the main course, recommendations go for the "Dhaba meat", "Murgh Makhni", "Dal Makhni" and the "malai Kofta". A great idea is to order mixed breads like Missi Roti, Parantha, Naan and roomali rotis; it is a good option for variety and just the thing to wipe the savory curry gravy off your plates! If you are a rice lover then either try the "Gatta curry" with steamed rice or simply have a Biryani with raita. And if you are in a mood for simple Tawa Parantha then do not leave without a meal of "Aloo Pyaz/ Paneer/ Gobhi" Parantha served with curd and Gravy. The raita tastes like it is made with homemade curds and had has just the right amount of vegetables (tomato and cucumber) and spices in it. Complete your meal with a sweet Gulab Jamun. A refreshing and light dessert to try is "Thandi Kheer", a good blend of milk and rice and the sugar does not over-ride .Try not to miss the 'Kulfi' a fabulously creamy pistachio ice-cream, a true bounty of subtle flavors. The food was as I have said unpretentious, but it was clearly freshly made and more importantly was delicious to boot! Needless to say all outlets of Pind Balluchi serve authentic Punjabi food.