Gelato Vinto

Gelato is the generic word for frozen dessert in Italian. Though made from the same ingredients as frozen dessert, a taste of this Italian marvel will reveal that gelato and frozen dessert are distinctively different. Gelato is made from natural ingredients with no synthetic flavours or essences. Due to its composition and productive process, freshly made gelato has a creamier, silky texture and is served with a spatula at a higher temperature. Gelato is produces daily to ensure the product is always fresh unlike industrial frozen dessert, which is manufactured and stored indefinitely. Gelato has only 35 % over run which means is it has more products and less air content thus yielding a denser, more compact consistency as compared to industrial frozen dessert which has an 80 – 100 % over run. Gelato has a lower fat content of 4 % compared to frozen dessert which is higher at 10 % or more. Italians treat gelato as a nutritious food. A scoop contains protein, calcium, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin A and almost all the B group vitamins. Gelato is 100% vegetarian and is more nutritious and lighter that industrial frozen dessert as it does not compromise on the taste and texture.