FORUN Express Courier and Cargo

FORUN Express Courier & Cargo Ltd. is one of the fastest growing express courier company in India covering both domestic and international services. FORUN Express Incorporated in the year 2011. FORUN Express is in its first year of operations in India, though it has a large delivery network in India and abroad to provide its customers the best service.
FORUN Express has its headquarter in New Delhi and its branch offices all over India. It is one of the most popular and well equipped logistics services provider, covering a wide range of courier and cargo services throughout India.
FORUN Express has an efficient team of management professionals that are working round the clock delivering value for their customers. Forun team can create cost-effective solutions tailored to meet business requirements. Forun has a reputation of providing a high quality services to its ultimate customers characterized by flexibility, timeliness efficiency and reliability.

FORUN Express has been innovating constantly to provide products and services that meet customers current and future requirements. Forun is offering wide range of services like domestic and international courier and cargo. Forun Express advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road, ocean and rail has resulted in a plethora of offerings to the customers, unmatched in the industry.

FORUN Express plans to consolidate its growth, and its vision is to interface with customers more often in their value chain by offering wide range of products and services. A strong market leader in India, Forun Express has a strong presence throughout the world and has offices in all the major countries of the world.