F Salon is a division of F TV which is known for its remarkable landmark events in the history of fashion. FashionTV is an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel. Founded in France in 1997 by its Polish-born president Michel Adam Lisowski, FashionTV has become one of the most widely distributed satellite channels in the world with 31 satellite and 2,000 cable systems, with a total of 500 million households in 193 countries across the five continents.

We are approaching India with a view to change the outlook of fashion salons and augment the health and wellbeing report. Mode of fashion in India has still not advanced up to the predicted level and hence F Salon arrives to transform the hairstyling salon industry and add several new standpoints for the same. 

‘Our bend is to make a trend’ - Developing new modes for our customers is something we love a lot. Many a times, these modes further develop into a trend and that trend goes viral in the market. F Salon has been fruitful at instigating such trends by producing unique hairstyles that haven’t been viewed by the world before.