Eurokids International Limited

EuroKids is the leading provider of Pre-school education in India, both in the number of Pre-schools they operate and the number of students they serve. EuroKids International Limited began in 2001 with two Pre- Schools and is, today, India’s largest Pre-School chain with more than 780+ preschools in 280 towns and cities across India. Over 1,75,000 students in India have already enjoyed the Eurokids experience in these few years. EuroKids aims to be the dominant player in the Pre-school segment by offering the best educational experience to the young students. EuroKids is truly a child’s second home. Here enough care is taken with the surroundings and the ambience so that it is stimulating and helps the growth of a child. EuroKids has specially designed rooms that make the environment playful and fun to be in. Emphasis is laid on the comfort of the child making him feel at ease with the  surroundings. EuroBooks, the publishing division of EuroKids, offers Indian parents and children with a host of international brand of books like, Disney, Barbie, Noddy, Agatha Christie and several others. EuroBooks is the leader in children’s book segment in India. EuroKids has also ventured into the K-12 education space with its offering of EuroSchool, which presently has 17 schools across India and aspires to have 30 schools by 2012.

EuroKids offers a complete business format franchise in the Pre School/kindergarten services. The unique franchise concept provides individuals with complete know how to build and operate a successful Pre School. EuroKids offers its franchisees :-

- The goodwill of the EUROKIDS brand
- A proven, well researched curriculum for Pre School and kindergarten
- Content for Summer and Winter club programs 
- A unique fitness program - EUROGYM
- Training for the curriculum and the business process.
- Continuing research and development
- Marketing support.

1) Franchise orientation program (FOP)
A 3 day orientation program will be held for training the franchisee and their key personnel in Mumbai. The FOP aims at helping the franchisee understand the Pre School business and transferring the knowledge ware gathered by the Franchiser.
2) Curriculum & counselors training
Curriculum training will be imparted to teachers on an ongoing basis along with the specially developed training module for counselors on admission prospecting. Curriculum training is imparted on a quarterly basis in a year.
3) Manuals
Franchisee will be provided with ambience manual which will help to construct the EUROKIDS Pre School as per the standardized design template and the standard operating procedures manual for conduct of the Pre School.
4) Supply of equipment
Franchisor will provide the required equipment as per the model of the Pre School. (Cost of which is to be borne by the franchisee) average cost of equipment is INR 2, 25,000/-
5) Curriculum
The curriculum for all programs will be provided in the printed/online form along with audio visual aids.
6) On going support
The benefits of on going research and development will be transferred to the franchisee to keep abreast of the curriculum development.
7) Marketing support
The franchisor will provide requisite marketing support to propagate the various programs at EuroKids through regional/national platforms. Sales & Marketing tools (brochures, leaflets, posters, audio visual aids) as and when developed will be sent as per policy.