Digital school of Elearning Pvt Ltd

Digital School of e-learning Pvt Ltd(DSOEL) provide a common platform for the two most vital stakeholders in the job market i.e. student and the company. Ours is an endeavor that is going to thrive on the symbiotic relationship between all the two entities, as it will prove mutually beneficial for all the two in the long run. We started with an idea to enable employment opportunities, skills and knowledge base of the unemployed youth in the country and therefore, helps them get suitable jobs. In order to strengthen our efforts, for placement of students from various cities throughout the country, we have launched it with collective initiative for deepening and strengthening the future needs of both the academia & the growing industries.

Our forte is in Entry Level Talent Management where in we Train, Access students for providing a PLUGIN – PLAY kind of atmosphere.

DSEOL partners with companies for providing quality entry-level talent. As a result, students get more career options through our enterprise.

DSOEL helps student to get a job by the time they are under graduate thereby avoiding wasted time before starting their professional life. Our grooming helps students make it a smooth transition to professional life.

Our system provides the foundation skills that are required to do well in professional life. Though the knowledge acquired may not remain relevant after some years, the skills remain with the person for a lifetime