Contours International

Why do women need a specialized workout ?

Biologically, women  and men  are  very  different. While men carry more muscle, women carry more  fat, particularly on their waist and hip area. This is their survival mechanism as they need to bear children. Women have a smaller reach when compared to men .  Women desire to tone down, hence they need a different kind of weight training.
A machine which caters to both men and women is always favourable to the Man. At Contours , our machines have the correct reach for the average woman, thereby optimizing her strength training, while the incremental weights are suited for women only.Aerobics is done on special boards called Aerobic Rebounders, which are cushioned with shock absorbers at the bottom. This creates minimal impact on the woman's knees or back.It is fast, fun and friendly. It is structured and guided Every woman prefers to exercise without inhibitions. Contours is not just a floor for women. It is a revolutionary concept in women's Fitness For the modern woman who is juggling her life between home, children and work - all it takes is 29 minutes per day.