Chewy Junior

Chewy Junior is the ultimate destination for heavenly cream puff experiences. Our juniors are created fresh in our stores everyday with our motto “Let’s bake ‘em and not fry ‘em” in mind. Each puff is complimented by only the finest ingredients. 
Sink your teeth into your first Chewy Junior and you'll know it's not any ordinary cream puff. It's crispy on the outside, yet soft and chewy on the inside, making it perfect to munch on!
The puffs were an accidental creation by founder Kevin Ong, who had experimented with a blend of recipes from two different countries. Thereafter, it took him two years to adjust the processes and bring the puffs to perfection. The result is a healthier version as the puffs are baked and not fried, and use only the finest ingredients and pure dairy products from mother’s nature!