Chai Coffii

On a gloomy monsoon evening a hot cup of “chai” or coffee can instantly make you smile. An instant pick-me-up, chai and coffee have become part of everyday life.

We at Chai Coffi are as passionate about our tea as we are about our coffee.

So after setting up places like Koyla and Café Basilico, We at infinity hotels are setting up a unique boutique brew house that brings the best of the EAST and the West. We bring to you a brew house that gives you that warm and cosy experience with the quality standards of an international chain.

With a menu of eclectic nibbles and snacks like Panini, Zatar and street food from India, tea and coffee based beverages from all around the world, we hope to re-create the emotions that people experience over a hot cuppa, be it a first date, fun conversations with friends or even that one cup of relief after a long day at work.

With the intension of making a haven for the little things that get lost in the hustle and bustle of this big city life.

We want to make Chai Coffi an extension of your home.