BEZEL is a chain of multi brand luxury watch stores featuring upmarket global brands the Group represents, like Morelatto, Miss Sixty, Iris, Philip Watch etc. Bezel the brand stands for a combination of technical precision and high fashion, stocking watches are part of the same emotional world as high fashion jewellery.
Founded as a single company cutting and polishing diamonds for the jewellery trade at Surat, Gujarat, in 1966, the Gitanjali Group became, many times over, a pioneer among major diamond and jewellery houses.  First major diamond and jewellery house to be launched and run by modern entrepreneurs rather than dynastic jewellers. An authorised DTC Sightholder and loyal customer ? and a modern multinational business run on innovative insights. At the forefront of the global breakthrough in diamond jewellery design and production brought about by India?s ability to cut diamonds considered unworkable for jewellery till then. Has the distinction of producing the world?s smallest heart shaped diamond (0.03 carat), and developing some 25 patented facet patterns. Besides changing the face of manufacture, broke the mould of traditional jewellery marketing: it abandoned jewellery trade convention by launching multiple brands for multiple markets and price segments. Opened up distribution via superstores, department stores and other retail outlets at MRP,supported by international certifications of scientifically tested purity and authenticity, across India and in the world?s jewellery capitals. Even markets branded jewellery directly by mail order catalogue. Business model now integrates all operations, from rough diamond sourcing, cutting, polishing and distribution, and jewellery manufacture, to jewellery branding and retail, as well as global lifestyle brands, in India and abroad. Brought diamonds within reach of a wide consumer base.