Asmi Jewellery India Ltd Gitanjali Group

“Asmi Diamond Jewellery was originally introduced by the Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC) in the year 2002 & was subsequently handed over to Gitanjali Group. Asmi  the fasted growing brand of the Gitanjali Group offers jewellery that has a contemporary delicate and feminine look that is distinctly evocative of strength & grace. Asmi in Sanskrit means “I AM” stands for the woman with a distinct identity.

 Asmi signifies the spirit of the modern Indian woman who is aware of her inner strength and has repeatedly proven that she can excel in any field she chooses. Asmi caters to the women of substance & satisfies her mind for reward recognition; evolving continuously to suite her style & personality. The brand aims to fulfill every woman’s innate need for self expression while lauding her inner fire. It also commemorates a woman’s success and inspires her to achieve higher goals.  

 ASMI is the first jewellery brand to address the needs of modern Indian woman. Asserting her identity, making her own destiny, rewarding her own toils & therefore buying her own jewellery & not waiting to be gifted.

 Asmi collections depict the various stages of a women’s life.

 SIDDHI: The Graduation Collection

YUKTA: The Corporate Collection

AANCHAL: The Wedding Collection

ANANTYA: The Pinnacle Collection

 In brief Asmi is for the woman of spirit”.

 Supporting brands:

ALDER & ROTH: Attractive, Contemporary & Spiritual Artifacts.

G DIVAS: Light weight Jewellery studded with diamonds, pearls & colored stones. Everyday wear, mix of fusion & western design.

SAGAEE: Diamond Engagement Ring & Couple band

MENZ: Jewellery for men.