If you are thinking of hitting the jackpot on a small one time investment, then Aero-Sports is the best bet out there. In just 12 months we have added 28 Franchises all over India. All that you need is the passion to teach Aero-modeling to students in grades 6-12 in schools. Aero-modeling as you know is the Hobby & Sport of designing, building and flying model airplanes and helicopters. If you are willing to work hard, you can easily make Rs.50,000 per month just working part time. And that too by operating from your home with just a cell phone and an email ID. Our recent Franchisees include “Housewives, Senior Engineering Staff from Airlines,  Officers from the Army and Air-Force and even an IIM-Kolkota Graduate.

On a modest one time investment of Rs.125,000 we will show you how to set up a decent, exciting and highly profitable home based business. We do not take any portion of your profits! One Franchisee made Rs.100,000 in just one day, another got Rs.600,000 in orders from 4 schools even before he came for Franchisee Training. Yet another Franchisee s sitting on an exclusive deal with a top international residential school in Dehradoon where he can make 10 Lakhs plus in just one deal!  You can also make Rs.30,000 for just taking a 4 hour Class in Building & Flying Chuck Gliders in Engineering Colleges. WOW! All this is possible and we will show you how.

The Franchise Fee includes 6 days intensive, residential training program for two persons, all expenses paid. In addition our US trained CEO will work for you in your town/city for one full day at his own expense to set up and promote your business. Our goal is to create Self Employment and in the process bring an exciting co curricular activity program to our youngsters. Schools, Parents and School Children will love you for taking up this challenging educational project.

Our programs are all Laptop and LCD projector based. We provide plenty of practical training in building various kinds of flying models and offer imported model construction kits to our students. As part of our school based curriculum we also include “Career Counseling, Computer Presentation Skills and Personality Development Modules”.

If you have always wanted to start a business on your own, then you need look no further. It is eminently suited for a Husband -Wife Team that wants a regular Full Time or Part Time Business. I have lived and worked in the US for 20 years and challenge you to show me a better opportunity.:)