Acquidea Technologies P Limited

We offer Comprehensive Software Solution (SARAL PETROFIN) for Fuel Stations, which is nothing but automation of day to day operations like Accounting, Billing, Inventory etc. in any Petrol Pumps.

Currently there are only 2-3 companies provide this kind of software but all are developed years back and are outdated. They also do not have presence across India. They put together do not even hold 5% of the market share out of almost 60,000 Petrol Pumps in India. Most of the Petrol Pumps (more than 95%) operate manually even today.

The Software is developed by Relyon Softech Limited, a Bangalore based Company and pretty well known for their other products, SARAL ACCOUNTS, SARAL PAYPACK, SARAL TDS, SARAL VAT, SARAL XBRL. However we, Acquidea Technologies (P) Limited hold the exclusive Marketing and Selling rights for SARAL PETROFIN across India. Request you to visit & for more details.