Know all about Cartridge Refilling Business Opportunity

19th May 2011, By

During the Current Slow down, you could help consumers save money and also at the same time, you can make some money.

Past scenario: Whenever we ran out of ink for our printers, we had two options both with their respective pros and cons.

Option 1: Local re-filler, who would do it a low cost, however along with low quality.

Option 2: Expensive Original Cartridges, great quality, however quite expensive.


However in the current scenario, the consumer has a 3rd and a very viable option of refilling the cartridge. This is the most affective option for all printing needs and eliminates the cons of the previous two options, cost affective without compromising on quality. The cost of a new cartridge is extremely high and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are making healthy margins.

However with a few branded franchise opportunities like Cartridge World, ReFeel, Abbee Shoppe are offering refilling at 50% or lesser, in comparison to buying a new cartridge.

Cartridge refilling Opportunity in India is one of the fast growing, business. The Indian market for printer cartridge has a whopping Rs. 4000 Cr. potential. There is a constant increase in demand for printer cartridges in India and growing at 20-30% per annum with more and more corporates and individuals looking for quality and reliable refilling without compromising on quality of prints.

A cartridge refill franchise works to help printer users save money without sacrificing quality by offering printer cartridge refill packs and services. Using the products and services offered by a well established company, a cartridge refill franchise aims to educate printer users about the benefits of refilling and the ways to go about it. A large number of printer users are unaware that the refilling of a printer cartridge helps to preserve the environment by reusing existing resources. The growing demand for printing products and the subsequent demand for refilling make a cartridge refill franchise an excellent business opportunity.

According to Lyra Research, nearly 70% of all cartridges are just thrown away when empty. This is a major cause of concern on environmental grounds. Recycling or refilling of cartridges can significantly reduce landfill waste originating from cartridges and their components, such as steel, aluminum, plastic and oil. Growing awareness about the benefits of refilling printer cartridge has led to spike in the segment and the expansion of the cartridge refill franchise network.Therefore, the demand for refilling or refurbishing a cartridge every few months or days, depending on the usage, is extremely high.

Cartridge World, founded more than a decade back, is a leading provider of cartridge related products and refilling services for a wide variety of printers. The company has established itself in the marketplace through its competitive pricing and superior products. Cartridge World retail franchise is a one stop-shop for all printer-related needs, including inkjet cartridge refilling services, laser cartridge reloading services and printer repairs. The store also stocks original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inkjet and laser cartridges, high quality speciality paper, OEM printers and other office supplies.

According to Mr. Naveen Rakhecha, CEO, Cartridge World, South Asia, “Introduction of the Cartridge World concept has given the aftermarket industry the much needed fillip. The negativity attached to this concept is rapidly getting reversed. Today, even corporates are actively considering this option. Cost management, Resolutions to be eco friendly, Visibility of the organised concept and the reassurance of a global brand are acting as catalysts. In short the aftermarket industry is gaining market share and respect of consumers very rapidly.

As we go forward ink, toner and cartridges are becoming more and more intelligent and thereby need of scientifically refilling or remanufacturing an absolute necessity. Remanufacturers will need to be prepared to make sizeable investments in R&D and customer education. Delivery of OEM comparable quality & service is a must. Formats operating on retail models will be the fastest growing.

As per industry estimates the total size of printer cartridges market in India is over Rs. 4000 Crore growing at about 30 - 35% YOY.”

"Cartridge World continues to carry out aggressive branding and end user awareness activities centered on cost effectiveness, quality assurance and post sales service through the usage of recharge / re-manufactured cartridges. This industry is estimated at 6 billion dollars globally and at Rs. 4000 crores in India with a growth rate of nearly 30% and with our rapid expansion plans in India and neighboring countries, this sector is one to watch out for", adds  Hemal Manek, Head - Network Development, Cartridge World - South Asia.

Naresh Krishnani, a Re-feel Franchisee at Mumbai mentioned that, We do face competition from from local stationary stores who would refill cartridges at Rs. 70 to 80 versus Rs. 200 to 230 charged by Re-Feel. Customers generally inquire for price, however the quality conscious ones go ahead with Re-feel and the price concious ones will opt for local stationary stores.

Anuradha Somani, Executive Director at Abbee Shoppee mentioned that their franchise model is quite different from rest of the players in the business. Their model is franchisee owned and company operated. The franchisee has to invest Rs. 45 to 50 Lakhs and can expect a return of 10% (assured), and 20% as per market conditions.

On the global front there are millions of individuals and companies, who are relying on businesses that offer refilled printer cartridges for their printing needs. In India, the entire concept of refilling printer cartridges is slowly emerging as a new growth industry. However, there has been a severe dearth of awareness created on this opportunity to the consumers.

If you are interested in a fast growing and high profit business, heres another great opportunity for businesses. There are companies like Cartridge World, Abbee Shoppee and Re-feel that provide high caliber equipment and accessories with full technical and consulting support.