India to become biggest market for GFA by 2012

13th June 2011, By

Global Franchise Architects (GFA), the specialty food division of Geneva-based Synergia One group, expects India to become its biggest market by 2012. The company, which owns brands like Pizza Corner, Donut Baker, Cream and Fudge Factory and Coffee World, will open 50 more outlets in the country, making it a bigger market than Thailand.

GFA finds the growth potential in specialty foods higher than that in all the eight countries in South Asia and West Asia where it has a total of 225 outlets.

By 2012, India will contribute 50 per cent to the global turnover of the company, he added.

“Thailand currently is the biggest market for GFA with 110 outlets and all the back-end operations of the company as well happen here. But going forward we see India as the market with highest growth potential with the market growing by over 30 per cent. We have 80 outlets in the country at present in the south and eastern regions. The scope for expansion is huge as we enter north and west regions. Not just the metros, all the tier II and III cities are potential markets for specialty foods,” said Joseph Cherian, CEO of GFA.

GFA will open Pizza Corner and Coffee World outlets in Delhi before the end of this year, thus marking its entry into the northern region. Pizza Corner is the leading brand of GFA with 51 outlets in India. While the company will focus on opening more company-operated outlets in the south, outlets in the other three regions will be run by franchisee partners.

Kolkata-based Gama Hospitality is the franchisee partner for the eastern region. The company is in talks with franchisee operators for the northern and western regions.

While GFA is entering newer countries every year, in all the markets other than Thailand and India it will expand through franchisees. This year, the company entered Bangladesh and Malaysia. It is planning to open outlets in Saudi Arabia next year.